Kinsella Estates is an organically farmed vineyard situated in a private valley in the foothills of the western edge of Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley. Elevated 500 feet above the Russian River, the valley enjoys a warm climate that virtually never sees winter frost. The hills even harbor occasional citrus trees. The East-West running valley is planted with 12 acres of cabernet sauvignon vines on the steep eastern hillsides composed of loamy, metamorphic soil. The valley drains a large watershed where a winter stream rapidly fills up Spencer Lake which provides irrigation water in summer. The Kinsella Estates vineyard is composed of three blocs: The Heirloom¬†Vineyard, a steep-sloping two acre, 17 year old parcel, wedged in between an arroyo and a knoll of Spanish oaks; the six acre Jersey Boys Vineyard and the four acre roadside Spencer Vineyard. The arroyo that runs between Jersey Boys and Spencer vineyards feeds the lake. In the summer of 2008, the latter two blocs were ripped out and replanted with four different clones of cabernet sauvignon, handpicked by our winemaker, Thomas Rivers Brown. Also, two thirds of an acre of Wente¬†clone zinfandel was planted, as well as eight rows of petit verdot. All Kinsella Estates wines are produced from organically grown grapes, grown without pesticides or herbicides.

Apart from the 12 acres of vines and the lake, the 75 acre Kinsella Estates property is heavily wooded with Spanish oaks (festooned with Spanish moss) which give way to Giant Coastal Redwoods and Sequoias as one migrates toward the north side of our hill. We have plenty of diverse fauna: gray squirrel, raccoon, skunk, wild pig, bobcat, gray fox, possum, coyote, deer and the occasional rarely seen cougar. Underfoot we have gopher, two species (Western Diamondback and Timber) of rattlesnake, black racers and gopher snakes. In the sky, turkey buzzard, raven, red-tailed hawk, barn owl and an occasional golden eagle.